How to Fold T-Shirts

by Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 28, 2017

T-shirts make up a big portion of many people's wardrobes. These comfortable shirts are fun to wear, easy to launder, and last for a long time. One challenge, however, comes when it is time to fold a laundry basket full of them. Instead of heaping them haphazardly in a dresser drawer, there is a better way. Learn the art of folding a T-shirt and then you will have dresser drawers filled with neatly folded T-shirts that will be wrinkle free when you want to wear them.

Lay the T-shirt down on a flat work surface so that the top of the T-shirt is at your right, the bottom of the T-shirt is at your left and the side of the T-shirt is directly in front of you. Smooth out the wrinkles.

Imagine a line that crosses the T-shirt from left to right at the center point.

Pinch the T-shirt along this line approximately two inches in from the side of the T-shirt that is nearest to you. Pinch both layers of the T-shirt between your fingers.

Follow the pinch point from step 3 straight up to the seam of the shoulder of the T-shirt. Pinch this point with your other hand. Again, pinch both layers of the T-shirt between your fingers. You are now pinching the T-shirt with both hands.

Hold the first pinch without moving it. Take the second pinch and move this hand behind the other hand to place this second pinch in line with the bottom edge of the T-shirt. This spot along the bottom edge of the T-shirt should be in line with the first pinch spot. Your arms are crossed now.

Add the T-shirt fabric at the bottom edge of the T-shirt to the hand holding the second pinch of the T-shirt (the shoulder seam). This hand is now pinching both the shoulder seam and the bottom edge of the T-shirt. Again, pinch all layers of the T-shirt between your fingers.

Hold all pinches very firmly and uncross your arms. Lift the t-shirt above your work surface as you uncross your arms so that it is hanging as you hold it. A sleeve should be extending down from the hanging T-shirt.

Place the T-shirt onto the work surface. As you place it down, the extending sleeve should be folded under and the T-shirt placed on top of the sleeve. This will make a fold that looks the same as the fold on the side you are holding. Fold the bottom edge of the folded T-shirt under by approximately one-half to finish folding the T-shirt.

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