How to Fold Panties Into Squares

Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

Though some people simply stuff their undergarments into a drawer, folding your panties neatly makes it easier to find the pair you want to wear, lets you easily see how many clean pairs you have on hand, and looks better in the dresser drawer. Whether you wear bikinis, thongs, briefs or boy shorts, you can fold your panties into neat squares for storing in your drawer or packing in a suitcase.

Lay the pair of panties face-up on your bed or dresser top. Smooth them out neatly.

Lift the left side of the underwear and fold inward to the center. Smooth away any wrinkles.

Fold the right side of the undergarment inward to the center, so it covers the previously folded material. Smooth away wrinkles.

Fold the crotch of the panties up to meet the top edge.

Flip the undergarment over, and store in your drawer or pack in your suitcase.