How to Fix Low Heavy Eyebrows

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Often overlooked in daily facial care, the eyebrows shape the face and can add years to or take years from a person's face. Low, heavy eyebrows can create the undesirable look of perpetual anger. Trim the long hairs and pluck the low-lying ones to open your eyes. The eyebrows that appear to be one long eyebrow going across the forehead, also known as a unibrow, need to be plucked in the area over the nose to create two distinct eyebrows.


Comb your eyebrows in the direction that they grow using an eyebrow comb or a small comb. Comb them a second time upward, toward your hairline.

Trim the eyebrow hair that is sticking up above the upper line of eyebrow growth with toenail scissors. Comb the eyebrow hair back in the direction of growth.

Pluck the hair that is growing too low over your eyes. Remove a few one row at a time, then look in the mirror to ascertain if you have removed enough. If not, remove more until they look the way you like.

Keep your eyebrows the same width across if you are a man, and slightly thinner in the outer half if you are a woman. Women should create a slight arch, but nothing extremely thin or sharp.

Pluck any stray hair growing near your eyebrows, but not necessarily in your eyebrows. Occasionally a few eyebrow hairs may grow next to your eyebrows, creating a bushy look.

Tackle the unibrow, if you have one, by plucking the hair growing over the bridge of your nose. The eyebrow should start directly above the inside of your eye.

Soak a cotton ball with astringent and wipe your eyebrows and all of the areas you plucked hair from.