How to Fix Curly Hair That Has Straight Spots

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As frustrating as it can be to style curly hair, having straight locks amidst the curl makes styling even more of an uphill battle. Not only are curly hair follicles affected by the weather, but they can also change from hormonal imbalances, such as during puberty and pregnancy. There are various ways to fix this anomaly, some temporary while others are longer-lasting.

Curling the Straight Hair

Observe how curly the rest of your hair is in relation to the wavy or straight locks to determine the degree to which these parts of your hair should curl.

Shower and style your hair as you would normally, and try to use hydrating products that will stimulate the curl. Apply an intense curling product, like extra strong hair gel, on the specific locks that are straight. Twirl the lock around your finger to encourage it to curl.

Use a curling iron only after your hair is completely dry. Opt for a large barrel to create loose curls or a smaller barrel for tighter curls. Prep the hair by applying a heat-protecting serum. Finish with hairspray on the newly formed curl. Avoid touching the curls.

More Permanent Solutions

Trim the straight parts of your hair or have a stylist familiar with curly hair cut it. Differentiate the straight parts against the curly by making sure your hair is cut dry, especially since curls differ from person to person. Cutting your hair wet will cause an uneven look as the straight locks will peek out when the curls dry and shrink up. Disguise the straight hair by lightly trimming it to match the length of the dry, curly locks or even snip it slightly shorter.

Consider a more drastic haircut depending on how much of your hair is straight. Try an asymmetrical bob if hair is straightest in the back, so that the back is shorter and gradually progresses to a longer length in front. Likewise, cut hair shorter in front if it is straighter than the hair in the back. Incorporate layers to allow straight hair underneath the opportunity to curl. However, if this does not work, cut the straight hair underneath shorter than the top, outer layer. A pixie cut also reduces the hair's weight, making it easier to style with curling products.

Have a stylist give the straight locks a permanent, or "perm", matching it to the other curls. On the other hand, you can also choose to straighten the curly portions of your hair with relaxers or chemical straighteners.