How to Fix a Wristwatch If Water Gets In

There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive watch and then seeing it ruined from water damage. Some watches that claim to be waterproof really aren’t. You’ll want to test first before jumping in the shower or pool with your watch on, or you can just always take it off before submersing yourself in water to be safe. However, if your watch has been damaged and you wish to fix it, you can dry out your wet wristwatch.

Take your watch apart. Usually there will be a plate on the back of the watch that will come off when unscrewed. Every watch is different. Don’t go poking around the watch unless you are sure of what you’re doing.

Take out the watch parts one by one and set them on a dry paper towel. Set them in direct sunlight to dry them out. Watch parts will work again, if they are thoroughly dried within a few hours of getting wet.

Hold down the large watch piece with your hands and turn a hair blower on the part. Hold this for a minute or so while you wait for the watch piece to thoroughly dry.

Allow the watch parts to air dry overnight. Check the parts in the morning to make sure they are completely dry. If they are not, allow the parts to sit in a dry environment for a few more hours.

Replace the battery on the watch, if the watch requires a battery. Watch batteries can be ruined if they are wet.

Reassemble the watch with the screwdriver in the opposite way you took it apart.