How to Fix a Flat Ball Cap

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You’ve done it again--left your favorite ball cap sitting on top of your current seat--then proceeded to sit down. Now, your ball cap appears misshapen and lifeless due to this petty accident. Not to worry, many ball cap owners often experience a misshapen or “pancake-flat” ball cap due to accidental crushing. Fix that flat ball cap at home using a coffee can, water and fruit.

Smooth and pop the ball cap into place immediately after it is crushed. Hold your ball cap by its brim using one hand, and insert your other hand inside the ball cap, and exert outward pressure using the palm of your hand. This helps your ball cap to retain its previous circular form.

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Place your ball cap inside a large empty coffee can. Position your ball cap’s brim to fit neatly inside the empty coffee can. The brim of your ball cap should be resting against the sides of the empty coffee can. Allow your cap to stay in this position over night to help improve its overall shape. The constant pressure applied to the brim of your ball cap helps shape the plastic or cardboard that serves as the hat’s overall structure beneath the fabric.

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Shrink your hat. Place the ball cap as best as you can on top of your head, as you would for normal, everyday wear. Fill a spray bottle with ½ cup lukewarm water, and spray your ball cap five to seven times--while wearing the ball cap. Continue to wear the damp ball cap for the next several hours to allow proper shrinkage time. Wear your ball cap until it is completely air dried. As the ball cap shrinks, the hat takes form to your cranium.

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Dress up your fruit. Whether it be a cantaloupe or a smaller watermelon, these fruits are often round or oval shaped and compare in size an average human head. Place your ball cap over one of these fruits and leave it for three to five days. Over time, your ball cap will mold itself into a comfortable, circular shape you are desiring.