How to Wash Ball Caps in the Dishwasher

When you have purchased a baseball cap representing your favorite team, you want your cap to look good for a long time. If you wear your cap often, you can find yourself in a "Catch-22" situation where the cap is dirty but you don't want to wash it for fear of ruining the shape of your cap. There is a safe alternative method you can use--place it in the dishwasher.

Remove all dishes from the dishwasher.

Place your baseball cap on the top rack of your dishwasher. This will keep it from bouncing around in the dishwasher.

Set the wash cycle to "Regular." Use cold water to ensure the colors of your baseball cap stay vibrant.

Place a small amount of dishwashing powder into the detergent holder.

Power on the dishwasher.

Remove your baseball cap from the dishwasher immediately after the rinse cycle has completed.

Place the cap in an open area so it can air-dry.