How to Wash a Flexfit Hat

Flexfit is the name of a company that has designed and manufactured primarily baseball caps, with a fabric known as poly-weave spandex, for over 10 years. They create hats that are ergonomically designed and eco-friendly, and some are even made with a special Venetian cotton, designed to keep you cool and dry. As advanced as these hats are, you will still need to wash yours from time to time to keep it looking its best.

Add approximately 1/4 cup of clothing detergent to 3 to 4 cups of warm water. Swish the detergent and the water together, blending it with your hands.

Hold the cap by the brim and dip the round, soft part of the hat into the mixture. Submerge the round, soft part of the cap, but do not get the brim wet.

Pull the cap out of the water and shake the excess water off it and into the bowl. Scrub the soft, round part of the cap with your hands, rubbing parts of it together to remove lodged-in dirt. Dunk the soft part of the hat in the basin again and repeat until you feel you have dislodged all the dirt.

Pour warm, clean water all over the soft part of the cap to rinse it thoroughly. Be careful not to get the cap wet. Dunk a toothbrush in the basin of water and detergent.

Scrub the brim of the cap with a toothbrush, dipping the toothbrush repeatedly into the water and detergent mixture. Make sure to scrub on the bottom of the cap as well.

Pour the water and detergent out of the basin, and rinse the basin thoroughly. Fill the basin with clean, warm water. Dip your toothbrush in the warm water and scrub the brim of the hat with warm water, rinsing it completely.

Stuff paper towels into the soft part of the hat so that when it dries, it keeps its shape. Rest the hat on a towel as it dries and keep it out of direct sunlight or heat to avoid warping the hat's color or shape.