How to Fill In or Draw Perfect Eyebrows

Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

Eyebrows have a strong impact on the overall appearance of your face. Drawing and filling in the perfect eyebrows requires the right shaping techniques and practice. Always follow the natural shape of the eyebrow to get the most convincing results. Begin slowly by plucking away stray hairs that appear above and below the eyebrow. Alternatively, having your eyebrows done professionally once will provide you with the perfect template to maintain at home.

Look through magazines for photos of eyebrows you would like to copy. Cut out your favorite photo and keep it in sight when drawing your eyebrows.

Trace over the hairs that will need be eliminated to achieve your eyebrow look. Use white eyeliner to give the illusion that the hairs are gone. Try variations of eyebrow looks until you are happy with the results.

Comb the eyebrow hairs up toward the forehead with an eyebrow brush. Trim any hairs that appear above the top of your natural arch. To prevent bald spots, be cautious when cutting hairs on the ends of the brows.

Draw an imaginary line from the tear duct peak to the outer edge of the iris. This point indicates where the top of the arch should sit.

Draw a second imaginary line from the outer edge of the iris to the outer corner of the eye to represent the downward slant of the arch. Tweeze any hairs that are outside the eyebrow shape.

Wipe down the eyebrows with a cotton ball dipped in astringent. Comb out the eyebrows and wipe away any loose hairs.

Fill in sparse areas on the eyebrows with a sharpened eyebrow pencil. Apply light strokes over the existing hairs. Choose a brow pencil that matches the natural color of your eyebrows.