How to Dress for a Wine Tasting Party

How to Dress for a Wine Tasting Party. A wine tasting party may seem like an easy type of party to throw and a fun and simple one to attend, but you may want to think about a few things, and find out some information before you decide how to dress.

Determine what the theme is. Find out if the host is planning a formal affair or an informal party. This helps you determine how to dress for a wine tasting party.

Dress with the theme of wine served at the party. If the host is bringing in mostly Californian wines, then go for a casual party attire that brings in a sunny summery feel.

Pick your favorite wine color and dress for a wine tasting party with that color in mind. Wear your favorite blood red dress, or don your champagne-colored top with dress pants. Either way you go, the colors help you connect with the theme of tasting wine and can be a great conversation piece.

Have fun with your mode of dress if you are the host of a wine tasting party. You can incorporate your outfit with the invitations, or with the decor of your wine tasting party. You can use the color scheme or style of the invitations to pick out your dress, or you can decorate to suit your favorite outfit.

Wear smudge-proof lipstick when you dress for a wine tasting party. The lipstick stains on the glass are no longer seen as acceptable in certain circles and should be avoided.

Find out beforehand, or decide if you are the host, who is invited to the wine tasting party before you determine how you'll dress. If you are attending a party with colleagues and business partners, you should dress in a business attire, and steer clear of flashy get-ups.