How to Dress for a Lingerie Party

Informal, relaxed, fun, and maybe even a bit racy. You can expect a lingerie party to be all those things! Naturally, as a guest, you will want to wear an outfit that's comfortable and lets you be yourself. But wait! There's more to consider when choosing what to wear. Use the steps below to choose the ultimate outfit from your own closet.

Check over your present wardrobe. Decide which outfit shows your contours best. When trying out a bra or foundation garment, you will want to slip your own clothes over the party lingerie to decide whether you like its lines under your clothes.

Choose separates, such as a top and slacks, so you can remove just what you need to try on a piece of new lingerie.

Make sure the outfit you select does not have any complicated buttons or trim. A basic, plain sweater or knitted shirt along with jeans will be ideal.

Select shoes that go well with either street clothes or bedroom wear such as pajamas or a negligee.

Be sure to wear at least one type of jewelry: earrings, a necklace, or an ankle bracelet. Choose simple, basic jewelry.