How to Wear Women's Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are an old classic look and can be worn in a number of different settings. They were originally designed as athletic wear, but can also be used for a regular day around town, a garden party or they can be dressed up as a business casual look. Depending on what style shirt you choose or what clothes and accessories you pair the polo shirt with, you can attain a number of different looks.

Getting Dressed

Choose a polo shirt according to the occasion. There are a number of different colors, cuts and fabrics used for polo shirts. Always look for a color that complements your skin tones first, and then think about pairing it with your clothes. Stretch cotton will be tighter fitting and will work better for an athletic look, while regular cotton or knit should still be close fitting, but would work better for dressing the shirt up.

Pair the polo shirt with a casual blazer for a business casual look. Tuck the shirt into a nice pair of slacks or nice jeans. Button two buttons leaving the top button open, and tuck the collar inside the blazer.

Wear the polo shirt with a nice pair of jeans or shorts and accessorize with a necklace and bracelets for a garden party. Tuck the shirt in for a tailored look, and choose a belt that goes nicely with the shirt.

Put on a stretch cotton polo shirt with yoga pants or workout shorts for exercise or sports. Polo shirts are also known as golf shirts or tennis shirts, and are perfect for either occasion.

Get dressed in a polo shirt, either stretch or knit, and a pair of jeans for running errands around town. You can leave the shirt untucked. Choose one that hits you right about the hip bone for a flattering look.