How to Drape a Ceiling for a Reception

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Wedding attendees spend more time at a reception than at the wedding ceremony itself. Some wedding parties even book separate locations for the wedding and the reception. You can offset the cost of your wedding reception by decorating the venue yourself. Drape lightweight fabric from the ceiling for a unique, customized reception space. You can hide imperfections and warm up your reception space by draping the ceiling. Match the colors of your wedding or add ribbon and lights to add ambiance to your space.

Identify how you want your drape to look. Start at the center of the room and go to the edges, move from one side of the room to another or choose a seemingly haphazard pattern of draping. Choose a design that best accentuates the room.

Measure the distance between the start and finish of the first drape section. This length will depend on how you want your drape to look, and may not be simply measuring between the center of the room and the outer edge.

Add at least 1 inch per foot of length to the length of your drape section. Test a piece of fabric to ensure you have enough drape for the atmosphere you want. Adjust your fabric length to meet your drape needs. Subtract the distance of your drape section, measured in step 2, and then divide the remaining by the number of feet to determine the amount of additional fabric per foot you need to complete your drape. Keep this number to apply to all of your fabric drapes.

String your needle with the fishing line and “sew” the line through the first edge of the fabric if you are decorating a room with a drop ceiling. Leave some fishing line length on both sides of the fabric so you can make a circle of line. If you want the fabric bunched on the ends, tie the fishing line together around the drop ceiling grid location where you want your fabric to start. If you want the fabric spread out instead of bunched, tie one side of the fishing line to one part of the grid, spread the fabric out and tie the second fishing line to another part of the grid. Repeat the process on the other side of the fabric and secure it to the drop ceiling.

Locate the start of your drape on a ceiling that is not a drop ceiling, and secure your fabric to this location using clear push pins. Add a push pin every six inches of fabric along the edge. You can bunch the edge of the fabric together or spread it out, depending on your preference. Pull the other end of the fabric to the other side and secure it with clear push pins also.

Measure the next section of draped fabric. Add the amount of inches per foot of fabric that you calculated in step 3 to the new piece of fabric. Follow steps 4 or 5 with this piece of fabric.

Repeat step 6 with the rest of the drapes you want to add to your ceiling.