How to Donate Eye Glasses in Colorado

by Christina Schnell

Send off your old eyeglasses to help someone in need.

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Each year, millions of adults and children live with poor vision because they cannot afford prescription eyeglasses. Without the vision necessary for education and livelihood, people fall behind. When you're ready for a new pair of eyeglasses, donate your old pair to someone in need. Organizations such as the Lions Club and One Sight offer eyeglass recycling plants and donation drop-off locations throughout Colorado. Choose whether you want to mail your eyeglasses or drop them off in a box and give the gift of sight today.

Locate the Lions Club closest to you and bring your eyeglasses to the designated drop-off location. For most clubs, the donation box is at a library, a public school or community center. Visit the Lions Club website for a directory of chapters in Colorado.

Mail your eyeglasses to the Lions Club International Headquarters. While the Lions Club doesn't require any special packaging, they can't distribute broken lenses. Play it safe and wrap your glasses in bubble-wrap before mailing them in a small cardboard box. Address the package to: Lions Clubs International Headquarters Attention: Receiving Department 300 W. 22nd Street Oak Brook, IL 60523

Drop off your used eyeglasses at a One Vision collection affiliate. One Vision provides eyeglasses to individuals in need throughout the world. Commercial lens stores like Pearl Vision and Lenscrafters are among those with drop-boxes. See the One Sight website for a complete listing of lens businesses in Colorado with collection boxes.


  • Prevent lens scratching or breaking by donating your eyeglasses as soon as you no longer need them, instead of leaving them lying around your home or office.

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