Charitable Organizations That Will Help Needy Families

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Charitable organizations assist individuals who are struggling. The services range from rental assistance, help paying for utilities, help with medical costs and food support. Some organizations help needy families by providing job assistance for individuals who cannot find employment and education services. Families who wish to get help must meet eligibility requirements and fill out the necessary paperwork.

The Salvation Army

You might often see volunteers for the Salvation Army during the holidays, ringing bells outside of shopping centers. The proceeds from those collections go to help needy families during the holiday season. The organization also provides many other services throughout the year to help families, people dealing with a natural disaster, children and the elderly. In addition, the Salvation Army helps families who are without shelter or in need of legal aid. The organization has helped families in need since the year 1852 and continues to assist individuals who find themselves in need of help.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries has a variety of programs to help needy families. The organization helps people find jobs by providing help with resume building, networking skills and interview help and provides training programs. There is a financial independence program that helps families achieve financial stability by teaching individuals the skills needed to make smart choices such as avoiding payday loans, taking advantage of tax credits and setting aside money for tough times. The organization offers money management classes, free tax prep and housing counseling.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a charitable organization that offers assistance to individuals and families in need. The Catholic-based society gets its name from its founder who spent his life helping the poor and needy. The organization provides a food pantry, where families can get food assistance once per month, a thrift store, offering discounted clothing and household goods and assistance with financial difficulties, such as an overdue bill.

Go Local

Many communities contain numerous organizations that help needy families. Talk with local churches, inquire at the local law enforcement offices and speak to school officials. Many volunteers and employees at these locations are familiar with area organizations that routinely help needy families.