How to Do Five Things to Show Your Husband You Love Him

Alina Bradford

My husband tells people all the time that I am the best wife in the world. Why? Because I make sure to make him feel loved on a regular basis. Here are five things that a wife can do to make her husband feel loved. The best part? They don't take much time and they make a big impact.

Hide a love note every once in a while for your guy where he can find it later. Some good places to put them are in his briefcase, on the car's dash, in his lunch sack or on his computer keyboard. I like to put my husband's notes on sticky notes so I'm sure the they don't fall on the floor or blow away.

Pull him aside and give him a big kiss when he least expects it. Do it in unusual spots like behind a clothing rack at a store, at his parent's house or in a corner at a party. Remember, if you get caught you're just kissing your husband. No harm, no foul.

Buy him his favorite candy and drink, give it to him while he's watching the game and sit down and watch it with him without complaining.

Take him to your favorite clothing store and let him pick out a dress or sexy top for you. (You get to make sure it is the right size.) Then, remember to wear it even if you don't like it. He'll get the warm fuzzies every time he sees you in it.

Let him pick out a pair of panties or a bra, then give him little peeks to know that you are wearing them.