How to Do Big Wavy Curls for Long Hair

Wavy, loose curls make long hair look free flowing and slightly unkempt, the perfect look for anyone who wants a less-than-polished look. Regardless of your hair color, your long hair can look playful with loose curls scattered through it. Whether looking for a sexy date-night hairstyle or a casual style to wear at a family dinner, big wavy curls can make your long hair look lovely. All you need to get this hairstyle is a layered cut and hair-styling supplies.

Visit your hairstylist and ask for a layered haircut. Without a layered hairstyle, your hair will not take the curls and give you a nice wavy look.

Squirt a quarter-sized amount of volumizing mousse into your hand and rub it in to the roots of your hair. Blow -dry the hair while holding your head upside down. Use your fingers to shake the hair as you dry it. Do not brush the hair.

Heat up a wide-barreled curling iron. A curling iron with a 1 1/4-inch barrel is ideal for this look. Open the curling iron padding by pressing on the handle.

Slide a section of 2-inch wide hair in between the paddle and the barrel. Release the handle, holding the hair in place. Slide the curling iron to the end of the hair.

Twist the barrel to gently wrap the hair around the barrel three or four times. Turn the barrel toward the back of the head. Hold the curling iron in place for 20 seconds.

Unwind the hair and release the curling iron. Find a new section and add another curl to your long hair. Continue until you have all the curls you want. Do not brush your hair.

Arrange the curls with your fingers. Spray the entire head of hair lightly with a light hairspray.