How to Do a Greaser's Hairstyle

Since the '50s when greaser hairstyles were popular, people have wanted to emulate the stylish look to demonstrate a fun yet tough personality. Capturing a greaser's hairstyle, otherwise known as a pompadour, is simple with the right haircut.

Get a haircut with it long on the top front and short on the sides. The shortest part should be 1 to 2 inches. The longest part should be no more than 5 inches.

Wet hair, making it damp.

Heat a quarter-size amount of hair wax in your hands by rubbing them together.

Run wax through your hair, starting in the front and working your way to the back and finishing on the sides.

Use your hands to style the hair back.

Use a comb to slick the hair on the sides against the scalp.

Comb the front straight up until the wax holds it in place. Use your free hand to guide it until it begins to dry.

Gently run the front hair back with your fingers, being careful to not squash the volume.

Take a small lock of hair in the front, curling it down to your forehead.