How to Do a Figure 6 Curl

Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Straight hair is OK, but a little texture can add life to hair. A great way to add texture to your hair is to curl it. If you don't want tightly curled hair, you can create loose curls that resemble the figure 6. Loose curls are just as nice as tight curls and they can be easily straightened. To make figure 6 curls, all you need is some hair supplies.

Take some water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray your hair until it is damp.

Apply some of your favorite leave-in hair conditioner to your hair.

Take your comb and part sections in your hair. The number of sections you part will depend on how much curl you want on your head.

Use a Scrunchy to hold each section. Roll sections one at a time on flexi rods. Take the middle of the flexi rod and place it under the ends of your hair. Bend the tip of your hair under the rod. Roll the rod toward the roots of your hair, stopping halfway between the ends and the roots.

Bend the sides of the flexi rods up and then down on the hair. This step will prevent the rod from falling off and hold the hair while it curls.

Dry your hair with the blow dryer.

Unroll your flexi rods and you will have figure 6 curls.