How to Do a Daisy Flower Arrangement

Daisies are a common choice for bridal bouquets or centerpieces, either by themselves or in arrangements with other flowers. While most people think of Shasta daisies, with their white petals and yellow centers, there are actually many different types of daisies available in a variety of colors and sizes. Choosing the right type of daisy is the first step to arranging a beautiful daisy bouquet, and once your flowers are chosen daisies are easy to arrange.

Decide which type of daisies you want to use. You can use traditional white Shasta daisies, or choose brightly colored Gerber daisies, which can be pink, yellow, red, purple or orange. Golden sundrops and black-eyed Susan are popular yellow daisies, while Gallardia daisies can be multicolored (usually yellow and red). Purple coneflowers are purplish-pink daisies, and painted daisies can be pink, red or white. Consider mixing daisies with roses or lilies for an elegant bouquet.

Trim the stems of your daisies so they are all approximately the same length. Leave a few stems slightly longer for the center flowers. If you are arranging your daisies in a vase, make the cuts at an angle so the stem can absorb more water.

Assemble your bouquet by starting with the inside flowers. Hold the middle daisies straight up and down, and add flowers one by one as you work your way out. Hold the bouquet in your hand while you arrange the flowers for a bridal bouquet, or arrange the flowers in the vase for a centerpiece. For vase arrangements, angle the outside flowers so the bouquet looks round and full.

Secure the bouquet with ribbon or floral tape to keep the daisies in place. If your bouquet is in a vase it does not need to be taped, but if the bouquet is going to be held the flowers need to be secured. Wrap your ribbon or floral tape around the cluster of stems, starting up near the blooms and working your way down. Wrap tightly enough that the flowers will stay in place, but not so tightly that you damage the stems. Place the flowers in a vase with a small amount of water and store them in a cool place.