How to Make a Baseball Bridal Bouquet

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A little creativity and glue will get the ball rolling on a one-of-a-kind bouquet to hold while walking down the aisle during a sports-themed wedding. The bridesmaids can also carry on the theme by holding smaller versions of the bridal bouquet. Organize a “Girls' Night” to craft the baseball bouquets and enjoy the company of your bridesmaids, while adding the final touches to your special day.

Purchase a baseball glove to serve as the base of the bridal bouquet. Baseball gloves come in a variety of colors, but if you cannot find one to match your wedding-day hues, purchase spray paint to change the color to match your wedding theme. A basic black baseball glove would serve as an elegant base for the bouquet adornments. If you are also making matching baseball glove bouquets for the bridesmaids and flower girls, purchase youth-size gloves. The youth gloves will be large enough for most adults to slip their hand inside and maintain a firm grasp of while walking down the aisle, but smaller than the bride's special glove.

If necessary, spray the glove the desired color of your choosing. Use painters' tape or scrap material to cover the interior of the glove to prevent it from taking color and becoming messy during the painting process. Spray the inside glove finger and palm area and allow to dry overnight. Turn the glove over and repeat the painting and drying process for the exterior of the glove.

Buy a floral styrofoam base to sit in the palm of the glove to hold your artificial or living flowers. Use floral or thin jewelry wire to affix the foam to the baseball glove, Push one end of the wire firmly into the center of the glove and wrap the other end around the glove fingers to hold the foam base in place. Repeat this step until you have four wires holding the floral foam to the base of the glove.

Purchase approximately six baseballs to use for making leather roses. Carefully slice the leather ball covering so you can remove the interior ball from the white leather covering. Push a 6- to 8-inch piece of firm wire or a dowel rod into the middle of the sliced leather to serve as a stem. Fold the leather sides inward to form a rosebud shape and secure with fabric or “super” glue.

Weave lace between the glove fingers just above the foam base wire straps to create a dangling effect on the baseball bridal bouquet. This step is optional, but will allow for a traditional flowing bridal bouquet look to the arrangement. You can affix flowers or small baseball charms to the lace with string or floral tape for added flair.

Choose artificial or living flowers to match your wedding colors and gently push them into the floral foam base. Intermingle the leather baseball rose buds into the arrangement until it has achieved the fullness you desire.