How to Display a Bridal Portrait at a Reception

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Choosing to display a professional bridal photo at the reception is a way for guests to take a peek at the bride posed in her gown and admire her on her special day. The photo can be used simply as a piece of artwork to decorate the guest table or positioned where guests can sign and write their own short messages of congratulations onto it. Determining a function for your photo can help you determine the best way to display the photo at the reception.

Select the picture that will be used for display purposes at the reception. Single out one photo that captures the feeling and intent of the occasion as it will be the first image guests will see of the bride following the ceremony. Be sure that the photo will have the same effect you’re looking for once it’s made bigger. Plan to have the portrait enlarged to poster-size, such as 18-by-24-inches or larger.

Select the location in which you will position the portrait and coordinate your method of displaying the image accordingly. Frame the portrait if it will be used for display purposes only. Choose a location and frame based on the lighting around the portrait; for example, you may wish to use anti-glare glass if the image will be brightly lit. Conversely, use a portrait stand (which can be found at your local photo studio) to hold the portrait upright on the guest table or a center table at the entry to the reception space. Set life-size enlargements in the foyer or hallway leading to the reception area.

Test the image in the area to be sure it works. Position everything as it will be at the reception. From lighting to accessories and decorations, give yourself the most duplicated setup so that you’re sure that you have the space and tools needed.

Arrange the final display with the appropriate accessories. For example, you can place a permanent marker to the image's side if you wish guests to sign the portrait or drape a few floral decorations around the base for added decor.