How to Determine If My Rolex Is Real

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Whether you inherit a Rolex, buy one in a store or come by it some other way, you'll want to know for sure whether your Rolex is real. Genuine Rolex watches are symbols of prosperity and success. If you have the real thing, you wear it with pride and may want to show it off on special occasions. There are some fairly easy things to look out for to determine if your Rolex is real.

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Inspect the case of the watch. Cases for Rolexes are never made of transparent plastic. The Rolex President model watch case, for example, is always constructed from either 18-karat white or yellow gold or platinum.

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Examine the quality of the gold and silver on the watch. A real Rolex is never gold- or silver-plated.

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Look at the face of the watch. If you can see the inner working parts, it is considered a skeleton dial display watch. Rolex has never manufactured a skeleton dial display. If your watch has this, it's not a real Rolex.

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Watch for rubber parts on the watch and the band. If you feel even the tiniest bit of rubber, the watch you have is not a real Rolex. Rolex does not manufacture watches with rubber parts.

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Study the print on the watch. The words printed on Rolex watches are always immaculate, typically gold print with sharp, crisp corners on the letters.

Take the back off the Rolex and look at the wheels inside that make it work. On a real Rolex, these wheels will each be of a different color. This is indistinguishably Rolex. If the wheels are all one color, you've got a fake.

Turn over the bracelet on the Rolex and look at the engraved numbers. Real Rolex watches have numbers engraved on the pieces on the very end of the bracelet that are attached to the watch head. Fakes often do not.