How to Design Birthday Cards

Making birthday cards for people can be both easy and fun. The key is to find something the recipient likes and work from there. Homemade cards may not be as professionally done as the ones you find at Hallmark, but they can be much more cherished. Making birthday cards is a constructive activity not only for adults, but children as well. Adding a poem to the card's text can encourage children to use their creative writing skills, while they use their artistic skills to make the card.

Determine what the person you are sending your card to likes, then gather appropriate items. For example, if he likes football, find football stickers or pictures of his favorite team or player.

Consider his favorite colors as well to decide what color cardstock and paper you want to use.

Affix one sheet of paper with glue or double-sided tape to one side of the cardstock.

Fold the sheet in half, with the cardstock on the outside.

On a separate sheet of paper, prepare the birthday card statement you want on the front of the card and the one you want on the inside.

Decide what pictures, stickers or drawings you want to use and choose what colors you want to use for your lettering. You can use your own pictures, or cut out pictures from magazines.

Use crayons or markers to write your birthday statement on the card. Place your pictures on the front and/or inside of the card with double-sided tape or glue. Also add any stickers or drawing you had in mind.

Write the year and your name on the back of the card as a simple reminder for the person receiving the card.