Ideas for Promoting a School's Anniversary

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Anniversaries apply to more than just married couples. Acknowledge years of educating youth in the community by promoting the school’s anniversary. Remind alumni, current students and prospective students of the school’s achievements and contributions to the community. Use local support and all available resources to successfully promote a school’s anniversary.

Community-Wide Open House

Normally, a school’s open house is for prospective students and parents. Plan a community-wide open house that introduces all of the school’s neighbors to the school’s achievements. Young professionals and retirees in the area are good candidates for fundraiser donors and volunteer efforts. Pass out fliers at grocery stores, gyms, mentoring programs and recreation centers to tell the target populations about the school anniversary. Some organizations, such as the Mile High United Way Emerging Leaders Council, pair young professionals with organizations in need of volunteers. Contact organizations of that nature to find suitable anniversary celebration guests.

Current Students and Alumni Resources

Interview current students about their experiences at the school and highlights of their academic career. The University of Maryland secured contacted each college, department and major to participate in 150th anniversary celebration. Contact alumni via telephone, e-mail, social networking sites and letters. Ask them to send in fond memories, funny stories and tributes to inspiring faculty members. Also, request updated information on alumni accomplishments. Research archives to find information about early alumni and special events. Use the information collected from current students, alumni and archives in e-mail blasts, fliers and letters to invited guests to the anniversary celebration.

Report Card Invitations

Invite guests to the school’s anniversary celebration using invitations that look like report cards. Create “classes” that pertain to the school’s accomplishments over the years. For example, create a class entitled “Educating Future Leaders.” Give the school all A’s and A+’s. In the notes section, include necessary information for attending the anniversary celebration. Party 411 notes that invitations set the tone and theme of the event. Use the report card them to reflect the academic nature of the host location and the openness to children and adults.