How to Design a Tennis Skirt

Tennis is one of the most popular sports on the planet with just as much impact on sports fashion as fitness. In recent years, women have used fashionable tennis skirts for more than just serving up a tennis ball; they have transcended sports and are used in daily life. Designing your own requires little more than basic seamstress skills.

How to Design A Tennis Skiit

Measure the waistline to see how much material is needed.

Measure the the point from the waistline to the mid-thigh to determine the desired length of the skirt.

Determine if you want the band to be either: a) an elastic band, b) string tie, or c) zipper with button. Most bands are approximately 1" wide to prevent the skirt from riding up during vigorous movement. Draw the pattern for the band as a rectangular shape.

Determine if the skirt will be one wraparound piece or several pieces sewn together. Arrange the pieces along the band giving the bottom length at least an extra 2" diameter compared to the waistband. Draw the pattern of the pieces that you will connect to make the bottom of the skirt and attach to the waistband.

Choose a lightweight flexible material, such as cotton or a nylon synthetic that wicks sweat away while allowing for movement. Prepare to cut for sewing.