How to Decorate for a Hillbilly Party

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Even if you don't clean and let your household clutter accumulate for a month, your house will probably still not resemble the hillbilly stereotype. Have fun decorating your home, inside and out, with items that fictional hillbilly rustics might use in their wooden houses in the Appalachian and Ozark mountain ranges. Match your hillbilly decor with a menu of fried chicken and beer in mason jars and a variety of banjo and bluegrass music.

As the Guests Arrive

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Your guests will feel as though they've entered a hillbilly heaven when they see an assortment of rakes, tools and old tires strewn over your lawn along with bits of hay. Set up a clothesline somewhere on the property with underwear and socks pinned on it. If you're feeling especially ambitious, leave the hood of your car raised and drape a pair of jeans and work boots stuffed with cotton hanging over the engine to resemble the backside of a hillbilly mechanic.

Here, There and Everywhere

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Clutter is the motto for decorating a hillbilly interior. Throw rugs scattered here and there, missing seat cushions and a sink full of dishes all signal the stereotypical hillbilly abode. Drape a few flannel shirts over chair backs, set moonshine jugs and empty beer and root beer bottles throughout the room, and lean a few fishing poles in a corner. Benches made from wooden planks set on cinder blocks complete the picture.

On the Walls

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Decorating the walls of your house for a hillbilly party begins with what you currently have -- set all your pictures askew and hang bed sheets over your curtains. If you own a quilt, drape it over any existing pictures. If you happen to have a stuffed animal raccoon, hang it on the walls; if not, create your own made from paper bags stuffed with paper. Make a banjo or two from heavy cardboard and hang them up as well.

Hillbilly Tablescapes

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A table set with a quilt as a tablecloth and pieces of aged wood for hotplates forms the basis of a hillbilly table. Place wildflowers in a glass soda bottle or a tin can in the center of the table. use mismatched plates and silverware and put serving bowls inside a straw hat. Your glassware should be mason jars, and a large brown moonshine jug should serve as a pitcher.

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