How to Decorate for a Bris

How to Decorate for a Bris. A bris is a joyous occasion, and hosts often want to decorate to match their festive moods. Since a bris is a traditional Jewish ceremony, few decorations are needed to brighten everyone's mood and welcome a new boy into the world.

Decorate for a Bris

Decide where you want to hold the bris and the celebration afterward. Make sure there is plenty of seating and room for the mohel to perform the circumcision. If you must, move furniture into an unused room temporarily.

Choose tasteful, elegant decorations for the room where the bris is being performed. Fresh flowers always make a nice impression. Candles are also nice, but keep in mind that you will need to have a bright light on for the mohel during the bris.

Purchase more festive decorations for the room where the celebration is being held. If you plan to celebrate in the same room as the bris, decorate the area where guests will serve themselves food. Get ideas for decorations at the Simply Baby Stuff website (see Resources below).

Pick out decorative plates, napkins and cutlery for your guests to get them in the mood to party. Disposable dishware also cuts down on cleanup for the hosts.

Decorate the baby's room with a few streamers and balloons. Once the ceremony is over, some of the guests will likely want to see the newborn in his crib and will be delighted to see the baby is in on the fun, too.

Tie some balloons to your mailbox or porch so your guests can find your home easily. You can even choose a few "It's a Boy!" balloons as a way to welcome the baby.

Consider ordering a centerpiece or two if the celebration is a sit-down affair. Place a rattle in each centerpiece with some curled ribbon to match to make it more festive.