How to Cover Gray Eyebrows

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Conceal those gray hairs and maintain your youthful appearance by coloring your eyebrows to match your hair color. The simple process is similar to coloring the roots of your hair. In fact, the same at-home hair color you use for your hair is ideal to use for your eyebrows to keep the color consistent. Prior to coloring, trim or tweeze your eyebrows so they are in tip-top shape before you color, and work in an area that is well-lit.

Choose a hair dye that matches your current color, or color your hair and eyebrows at the same time. If you are not coloring your hair and eyebrows at the same time, then choose the same color you use for your head, or try to match the eyebrow color as close as possible.

Mix the haircolor according to the manufacturer’s directions. Set aside a small amount to use for your eyebrows if you are coloring your hair in addition to the eyebrows. The eyebrow haircolor will need to be in a dish that is easily accessible for the applicator.

Dab the cotton swab with a small amount of petroleum jelly. Apply the petroleum jelly to the perimeter of both eyebrows. The petroleum jelly will prevent the hair dye from staining your skin. Do not touch the eyebrow hairs with the petroleum jelly because the dye will not adhere to those hairs.

Dip the old mascara wand into the dye and apply to the eyebrow area. Be careful not to confuse the old mascara wand with your current wand. Move the mascara wand over the eyebrow to ensure each strand and root is covered with haircolor. Repeat for both sides.

Wait for the time allowed and wipe, not rinse, the color off your eyes. Do not splash water onto your eyebrows after the color is on, because the water may make the eyebrow color run into your eyes. Use a damp washcloth with warm water to remove the eyebrow color.

Inspect your new eyebrows. If there are spots, then redo the area immediately to achieve the best results.