How to Cook Lake Perch

a fisherman catches a perch image by Elena Vdovina from

Lake perch is a freshwater game fish with firm flesh and a delicate, mild flavor. This recipe for sauteed lake perch comes via the Food Network from Arthur Calloway, head chef at The Caucus Club in Detroit. It serves four, and it takes about six minutes to follow through.

Mix the paprika, salt and flour in a small bowl to create a seasoned flour.

Blend the egg into the half and half in another small bowl. The resulting mixture is called an egg wash.

Heat the butter in a frying pan that can accommodate your perch fillets.

Dunk each perch fillet first in the egg wash, then in the seasoned flour.

Lay the fillets over the heated butter. Brown on both sides.

Remove the fillets from the pan and place them on paper towels in order to allow excess butter to drain. Serve hot.