How to Cook Asparagus as a Side


0:01 CHEF BLONDIE: So, I got my asparagus in some boiling water, barely an inch, half inch to

0:05 an inch of water. And these are just going to go for a few seconds. I'm going to take

0:08 a little bit of salt, 'cause the salt is also going to help retain the color and give my

0:12 asparagus a little bit of flavor. And what I'm looking for is just a light bend on the

0:21 asparagus. We're almost there. This really is 2 to 3 minutes, you don't want to let it

0:27 go longer than that and your asparagus is going to turn brown. We are actually 30 seconds away. We're just about there. Hmm.

0:43 It's got perfect crunch. I'm turning this off. Oh, excellent. So, we're going to drain

0:55 this water out of the asparagus. They want to stop the cooking process. Hmm. I'm going

1:06 to bring this on up over here. We are ready to plate.