How to Change the Date & Day on IWC Top Gun

IWC stands for International Watch Company Schaffhausen, a watch manufacturer whose foundations date back to 1868, and which is headquartered in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen. The Top Gun is a model within the IWC Pilot's Watch collection, originally engineered to appeal to the sensibilities and needs of aviators. The Top Gun watch borrows its name from the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, and the back of the watch also features a Top Gun logo insignia. Follow just a few steps to change the date and day on the watch.

Grip the watch's crown, which is the ridged dial in the center of the watch's right edge.

Unscrew the crown, twisting it toward you, in a counter-clockwise direction. You will feel the crown slightly pop out.

Pull the crown out until you feel it click twice.

Imagine a line drawn across the watch dial, from the number 9 to the number 3. Twist the crown to move the watch's hour and minute hands below this line.

Push the crown in to the first click.

Twist the crown toward you, using only slight tension, to determine whether this adjusts the day or the date setting. Twist the crown away from you to adjust whichever one of the two settings that turning the crown toward you does not change. Set the day and date to the previous day's day and date.

Pull out the crown to the second click. Twist the crown so that the time moves around to 12 o'clock and the day and date switch over to the current day and date. Continue turning the crown until the watch hands reach the correct time. This way, you know the watch is correctly set in p.m. or a.m. time.

Push the crown back in against the watch. Twist the crown clockwise to screw it down.