How to Change the Battery in a Festina Watch

watch image by petar Ishmeriev from

Festina has been creating luxury watches for both men and women since 1902. While the company was originally located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, festina watches are now manufactured in Japan. Eventually, all watches that run on a battery will need that battery changed. Changing your own watch battery in any Festina watch can save both time and money.

Find a quiet, relaxing place to change the battery in your watch. Your workspace should be flat and cleared of clutter and anything that could potentially scratch your watch once you begin. Place a cloth, towel or pad down that is at least 10 inches square, that will prevent any damage to the face of the watch as you place it face down.

Remove the back cover. On several brands, there will be tiny screws holding the back cover in place. Use an optical-sized flathead screwdriver to carefully remove each screw. Place the screws in a safe spot where you will not lose them. Other backs will not have screws and will need to be pried off. Use any small prying tool to carefully get under the small depression along the rim and slowly lift up the back cover.

Remove the gasket. There will be a small, black ring around the edge of the back cover, called the gasket. Set the gasket aside.

Locate and change the battery. Most batteries will be held in place by a piece of metal called a clip. Either unscrew or move the clip aside and take out the battery. Place the new battery into the vacant slot and replace the clip.

Reassemble the watch. Put the gasket back in place along the inside of the rim, and replace the back of the watch. There should be a tight seal. If you had to remove screws to get the back off, use your screwdriver to tightly screw them back in. Your watch should now be operational.