How to Buy Pantyhose for Men

How to Buy Pantyhose for Men. Men who wear pantyhose reap many sports and health benefits. Pantyhose can soothe muscle aches, reduce swelling, stimulate blood circulation and protect against chafing. Wearing pantyhose also deters foot odor and athlete's foot by keeping feet dry inside shoes. Buy pantyhose for men and begin experiencing a new way of keeping yourself healthy and at the top of your game.

Shop at online stores dedicated to pantyhose for men. Visit websites like, and

Browse online catalogs for pantyhose. Note the fiber contents of each style. Give preference to pantyhose that contains at least 30 percent lycra, as a high lycra content increases comfort levels.

Consult sizing and style guides available on the website, as not all pantyhose will fit all body types.

Select the style, size and color of your preferred pantyhose. Note the compression level of each style of pantyhose before selecting it. Some compression levels may be more uncomfortable than others.

Pick extra features for your pantyhose. Zippers, comfort panels, reinforced toes and opaque ankles increase pantyhose for men's usability. Buying pantyhose with opaque ankles, for example, allows you to wear the pantyhose in place of your regular socks.

Place your order. Enter your personal and billing information.