How to Begin A Healthy Hair Journey with Relaxed Hair

Many of us Women of Color relax our hair. We do this to achieve a desired look and for the ease of styling. As the years go by, we've learned the many do's & don'ts when it comes to relaxing hair; But what's most important is how to maintain it's health and get it to grow. Last year my hair was broken and thinning. I searched the net for help and found many Black Women with Relaxed, Bra Strap, Mid-Back, and even Waist length hair! This motivated me and since that day, I have been on a Healthy Hair Journey. I've even managed to grow my hair longer and fuller than it's been in years! Women with relaxed hair have the ability to grow gorgeous hair with the right care! Web sites such as Keepitsimplesista, Longhaircareforum, and Healthykisses are all inspiring and helpful sites that will get your hair back on the right track. Join me on my relaxed healthy hair journey!

Trim Start your Relaxed Hair Journey with a nice trim, to trim away the damage hair and split ends. This will give you a fresh start. Its too hard to maintain healthy relaxed hair without this step, its like trying to build on a bad foundation. As your journey progress, you will realize that protecting and caring for the ends are the keys to achieving length. The healthier your relaxed hair becomes, the less trims you will need. I do a light trim 1-2x's per year just for preventive maintenance.

Cleanse Next, you need to keep your scalp clean by washing every 1-2 weeks. Use a very moisturizing shampoo or cleansing conditioner like Creme of Nature shampoo or Sally's Hair One. Avoid shampooing often. If your hair needs some refreshing, grab a cheapie condition like VO5 moisture milks and use it like a shampoo! It's called "Co-washing" and it keeps hair soft and fresh. Just ensure that you rinse your scalp nice and clean with water.

Condition Deep conditioning is an essential part of caring for relaxed hair. Its important to deep condition 1-2x's per week to avoid dryness and breaking. This step will make a huge difference in your hair! Some great deep conditioners are Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner and Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm. Make sure to purchase 2 deep conditioners, one with light protein and one which is super moisturizing, then alternate the two weekly. Hair will become healthy and balanced resulting in little to no breakage.

Care Now that you're on a Relaxed Healthy Hair Journey you must say goodbye to bad hair habits! No more relaxing less than 8 weeks apart! Stretching a relaxer longer than 8 weeks will result in thicker, healthier hair. No more using heat everyday! Heat can be extremely damaging to hair. It indeed promotes drying and breaking which are Relaxed Hair's enemies. Use heat as little as possible and find alternative/healthier heatless styles.