How to Get Black Hair to Thicken

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Despite its coarse texture in its natural state, black hair is delicate and without adequate care, will easily break. When this happens, it becomes thin. No matter what caused your hair to thin, there are simple steps you can take to thicken it. These include changing your diet and adopting a healthy hair regimen. In no time, your hair will become healthier and thicken.

Improve your diet by including more servings of fruits, vegetables and fish. Carrots and dark leafy greens, for example, increase Vitamin A levels, which improves scalp health. Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids improves the overall condition of hair, including its thickness.

Take a daily multivitamin tablet or chew to supplement the nutrients received from food Ensure that the multivitamin contains biotin, which is essential for hair growth and thickness.

Wash hair when your scalp itches as that is an indication that it is dirty. A clean scalp is necessary for optimal hair health.

Apply small amounts of black castor oil to your scalp two or more times a week. Black castor oil improves hair moisture levels and is used in the Caribbean to thicken the hair shaft.

Change your hair regimen to focus on better hair care techniques, such as using less direct heat on your hair, using a wide tooth comb instead of a fine tooth one, and keeping hair moisturized. Refrain from sleeping on cotton pillowcases, which contribute to dry hair, breakage and thinning. Opt for silk or satin pillow cases instead.

Adopt protective hairstyles like hair buns and high ponytails to preserve your hair ends and limit split ends.