How to Make Your Hair Thick for Teen Guys

by Cameron Sherber ; Updated September 28, 2017

Teenage boys can make their hair thicker in no time.

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Teenage boys who struggle with thin hair can easily thicken things up. There are a number of ways for a teenage boy to give himself a thicker, fuller head of hair. Simply use the right haircare products -- and make some healthy adjustments to your lifestyle -- and you'll be surprised at how quickly your hair becomes noticeably thicker. You can bid a long-overdue farewell to thin, lifeless hair before you know it.

Take the proper vitamins. If your hair is beginning to thin in your teens, this may be the result of a vitamin deficiency. Eat foods that contain plenty of vitamins A, B, C and E -- or take them in supplement form.

Condition your hair. Shampooing without conditioning is a common cause of thin, dried-out hair. By conditioning your hair, you instantly restore the essential oils that you stripped away when you shampooed.

Do not over-wash your hair. Excessive washing strips away your hair's natural oils, which are essential to healthy growth. Limit your shampoos to no more than once a day. If you have exceptionally dry hair, shampoo once every two to three days.

Have your hair cut or trimmed every six to eight weeks. This will give your hair a tidy appearance and stimulate new growth.

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