How to Become a Sunday School Teacher

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Sunday school activities can be rewarding for both the teacher and the children.

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Teaching Sunday school can be a truly rewarding experience because you are helping a young child to know God and his teachings. This is not something to be taken lightly, and you need to understand how much these children will look up to you. If this sounds like something you are interested in, you have a grounding in Bible study and you're comfortable in front of groups of people, make your wishes known to your church's leaders.

Step 1

Speak with your pastor. He will be able to direct you to the person overseeing the Sunday school teachers. Usually, this is a children's ministry director or youth pastor. Demonstrate your knowledge of the Bible's teachings and its lessons to prove you're serious about taking on this responsibility.

Step 2

Think about the age range of children you wish to teach. You may want to teach a class that has your own children in it. Or you may already teach children outside of church, and feel comfortable with the ages you are currently teaching.

Step 3

Find any available classes to teach on Sundays. If there are no spaces available, perhaps you can ask about teaching on Wednesday nights, if your church has these services. Many churches offer training seminars to help you become an effective teacher.

Step 4

Complete a background check. Some churches will require this to ensure the safety of their children. Do not be offended if you are asked to complete a check. Most likely, every volunteer in your church working with children has had to do the same thing.

Step 5

Speak with other teachers and see what they recommend. There are many resources available for Sunday school teachers online, including lesson plans, crafts and other activities (see Resources).

Step 6

Understand that most Sunday school teachers are volunteers. This gifted group of people gives their time freely only to help youth grow up knowing God and the principles of the Bible. Make sure you are doing it for the love of children and not for your personal recognition.

Step 7

Attend different children's Sunday school classes, if possible, to get a better understanding of what occurs in a child's class. This will give you insight into what is expected of teachers, and how to keep the children interested in activities that teach Bible lessons.

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