How to Avoid Crimps with Curling Irons


Avoiding crimps in your hair with a curling iron is simple with a little methodology and a few tips. Whether you use a curling iron to achieve tight spiral curls or loose flowing waves, you do not want to see creases in your lovely locks.

The groundwork of sleek hair styling is to begin with dry hair. Any hint of moisture in your hair will cause the cuticle to expand and frizz with the direct application of heat. Try allowing your hair to air dry as long as possible and then finishing with a blow dryer to keep heat damage to a minimum.

Styling your hair with a curling iron is best done in small segments. Divide your hair into top and bottom sections and start work from the underside. This allows room for the hair to wrap around the curling iron barrel with less overlap. When hair overlaps on the curling iron, the heat becomes distributed unevenly leading to bumps or crimps in hair.

Start as close to your scalp as possible. This is especially important if you have long hair since you will need to curl each section from your roots as well as at the ends. The only way to avoid crimps in long hair is to start the styling at the scalp, curl half of the lock around the barrel and let it set. After releasing that section of hair, resume at the point of overlap and finish the curl.

Never let hair ends peek out of the curling iron barrel clasp. If the curling iron does not end perfectly at the ends of your hair it will create a little crease at the ends.

If you make a mistake or cannot get a kink out of your hair, there is a solution. If you have time, wet the kinked section, blow dry and re-style.