How to Adjust the Digital Compass on a 5.11 Special Ops Tactical Watch

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5.11 Tactical produces products designed to provide tactical information and products to law enforcement, military and civilian applications. The 5.11 series watches provide the user with information to assist them in navigation and shooting details. Wind direction, distance, scope adjustments, compass direction and other useful information can be obtained while in the field. These numbers become useful for shot adjustments and navigation.

Press the "D" button to increase the value on the watch and select the compass.

Press the "E" button to confirm the compass and take you to the calibration screen. Press the "C" key to begin the calibration process.

Place the watch on a flat, level surface. Rotate the watch on the surface so that it completes rotation in one minute. The watch will pause and process the data. Repeat this step three times.

Allow the watch to run the data check after the third minute. If the calibration is done correctly, the watch ill show "CAL DONE" on the screen. Repeat this process if necessary.