How Long Ahead of Time Should You Order Corsages

Ordering corsages in advance for special occasions such as weddings, holidays and prom will ensure that you get the color, style and, most importantly, the flower that you want. To determine the proper time frame for ordering your corsage, consider the event and season since florists are bombarded with corsage orders during certain time periods.

Proms and Mother's Day

Placing your corsage order during spring, particularly in May when most proms are held and Mother's Day is celebrated, requires you to plan in advance or risk having only leftovers from which to choose. Plan ahead by speaking to your florist at least two weeks before the event. Place your order at that time, sharing your flower and color choices with your florist so she can order the correct flowers and have your corsage made on time. Know what flowers, colors and type of corsage you want and your florist can help you narrow down exact corsages according to your taste and budget. Sweetheart roses, white roses and carnations are common choices during prom and Mother's Day, which means you may not find those flowers available if you don't plan ahead.


Order corsages for your wedding when you place your flower order if you know what you want and plan to have the flowers match. If you don't decide on corsages when you originally place the order with your florist, call him as you decide to include them. If he can't supply the corsages you desire, try another local florist, order them online or try making them yourself. You should order your wedding corsages as early as possible, particularly if certain colors or flowers are a priority for your big day. Consider the season you getting married, as well. Since prom and Mother's Day take place during the peak of the wedding season, short-notice corsages may be more difficult to come upon in May.

Things to Consider

Consider the season of your event if you have a certain flower in mind. If it's considered "off-season" for your ideal flower, you may have to order it in advance as your florist might not carry it off-season. Off-season flowers will likely cost more than in-season flowers due to their scarcity at that moment.

Bring a swatch or picture of the dress if you are trying to match a corsage to attire, especially for prom. If these items aren't available, choose a color that will complement the dress, not contrast with it. Choose a neutral color such as white or ivory if the color is unknown or you purchasing corsages for multiple women who may be wearing different colors.

Schedule your pickup for the day before your event to avoid stress on the big day and ensure you get the corsage you want. If the corsage is for your wedding and you're using your wedding florist, ask that the corsages are delivered with the rest of the wedding flowers.

Keep a corsage fresh by inserting it in a plastic sandwich bag and placing it in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf until the event. Keep the flowers away from any fruit that may also occupy your refrigerator.

Consider silk corsages or even making your own if you would like to have the corsage completed well in advance of your event to ensure you achieve the look you desire. Silk corsages can easily keep as treasured keepsakes without worrying about pressing, freeze-drying or any other preservation methods.