How do I Spot a Fake Oyster Perpetual Rolex?

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The Oyster Perpetual Rolex watch is such a coveted item that it has caused the creation of countless replicas. Sometimes the replicas are so well done that it can be hard to spot the difference between real and fake.

Case Backs

On a genuine Rolex, the case back is never clear or made so that you can see the inner workings of the watch. There is also no engraving on the back of the watch; it should be smooth.


A fake Rolex feels light and has hollow links that make up the band, whereas a genuine Rolex is heavy with solid links, and the links are fastened together with screws.


A genuine Oyster Pearl Rolex is never made in chrome. It will always be made in gold, stainless steel or platinum.

Serial Number

All Rolex watches come with their own serial numbers. Many fakes do not have a serial number, or the serial number will be the same on all of the watches for sale.

Watch Face

Many counterfeit Rolex watches have a glass face instead of a crystal face. A glass face will fade and get scratched easily.

Date Magnification

On a genuine Rolex, the magnification of the date will be 2.5 times, while most counterfeits only have a 1.5 times magnification. Be careful, as some counterfeit producers have begun to increase the font size of the date to appear like it is at 2.5 magnification.