How do I Make Homemade Alligator Costumes?

Rag Doll Alligator image by Yana from

Costumes for children have escalated in price over the years. Making a costume at home with relatively few materials saves money and adds homemade flair. An alligator costume starts with a simple sweat suit and transforms easily into a costume that a child will be excited to put on. A costume made from a sweatsuit will add a layer of warmth. The fact that it is machine washable is an extra bonus. Just take off the eyeballs, and you are all set.

Make the alligator's teeth. Use the pinking shears to cut out triangles from the white felt, about 20 triangles ranging in size from large to small. Cut six triangles that are 4 inches in length, six triangles that are 3 inches in length, four triangles that are 2 inches in length, and four triangles that are 1 inch in length. Divide the triangles into an equal number of each size for the left and right side of the sweatshirt hood opening. For example, divide the six 4-inch triangles into three for the right and three for the left side of the hood. Continue to divide each size of triangle evenly until you have a set for the left and a set for the right.

Lay your sweatshirt on your work surface with the front of the sweatshirt facing you and the open portion of the hood facing you. Start with one set of the divided triangles. Starting at the bottom right corner of the hood, sew one of the 4-inch triangles into place, pointing the tip of the triangle downwards towards the belly of the sweatshirt. Continue sewing the triangles in place, graduating the teeth from the largest to the smallest until you have reached the top center of the hood.

Repeat Step 2 but start on the bottom left corner of the hood. Continue sewing the triangles in a graduated fashion until you have reached the center of the hood where the other teeth stopped.

Cut the Velcro strips to fit the bottom of the pingpong balls. Attach the Velcro to the bottom of each ball and then to the top of the hood. Use the permanent marker to make round black circles on the pingpong ball to represent the alligator's eyeballs.

To make scales on the front of the sweatshirt, cut out 20 triangles from the black felt using the pinking shears. Triangles should be approximately 4 inches in size. Attach triangles with your needle and thread to the front of the sweatshirt near the belly to represent the alligator's scales.

Make the tail by folding the two yards of green fabric in half lengthwise. Cut this rectangle into a triangle shape by cutting diagonally from one the bottom corner to the opposite top corner. Sew the triangle at the longest seam. Leave the short seam open so you can stuff it. Use the black permanent marker to add scales. Use the triangle shapes from Step 5 as a guide.

Stuff the tail with leftover fabric pieces or balled up newspaper. Sew the short seam closed and attach to the seat of the sweatpants by sewing into place.