Honey Lemon Hair Removal

One of the most cost effective substitutes for razor shaving and waxing unnecessary body hair is the honey lemon hair removal method. In this procedure, your unwanted body hair is yanked straight from the root, and over a period of time of practicing this method, much less concentration of hair grows back on the skin. Additionally, this hair will be silky and soft, as opposed to the stiff rough stubble that you get post shave with a razor.


You require very few things for a homemade honey lemon paste for hair removal process. All of the ingredients are easily available in most any household. You merely need a cup each of honey and sugar and one fourth cup each of water and lime juice. Other things needed for this home procedure is a saucepan and ladle, some finely woven cotton cloth, a pair of scissors and a spatula.

Making the Honey Lemon Paste

Take the honey, sugar, water and lime juice in the saucepan. Use medium to high flame to heat the mixture. Use the ladle for constant stirring of the concoction. Take the saucepan away from the source of heat every seven minutes or so, in order to make the bubbles settle down well before nearing boiling point again. Right when the concoction arrives at a boil the third time, turn the heat of the flame down and simmer the mixture for a little over a quarter of an hour. By then the mixture will have a vivid amber shade and a well-cooked lime smell. Make sure to properly heat the mixture to the correct consistency as this is crucial for the process of do-it-yourself hair removal with honey and lemon. Now, turn the heat off and allow the paste to cool down. It will start to thicken in about 15 minutes. Then, carefully transfer it to store in an airtight bottle from which you can use it multiple times.

Getting Ready for Application

Let the honey lemon paste cool a bit. Take care that your skin does not get burned while you are applying the paste. In the meantime, take the soft cloth and make sure its weaving is not coarse. With the pair of scissors, cut the cloth into narrow strips measuring around three inches in length and an inch in width. Set aside.

Now, check the paste temperature on the hard skin of your palm, to test whether the thin delicate skin of your underarms, arms or legs can withstand the warmth.

Using the Paste

Take the spatula or use the palm of your hand to smooth out a scoop of the paste on the area of the skin from where you want to remove hair. The thickness of the paste layer should be between 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. Press the layer down and cover it instantly with a strip of cloth. Be sure to leave a little portion of an end of the strip free, for you to hold between your fingers. Now with one hand, make your skin taut and with the other, yank off the strip in one fast motion. The direction of the motion should be opposite to that of your hair growth. This will rip off the hair you need to get rid of. Then fold the strip, press some more paste over another skin area and repeat the procedure until the strip turns too gooey for reuse. Wash the skin with tepid water or a lukewarm, damp washcloth. Repeat with other strips till hair is removed from the entire skin area according to your requirements.