Gross Halloween Appetizers

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Nothing is scarier than a theme party with boring food, so make your Halloween party memorable with spooky and gross appetizers. Of course, the food doesn't taste gross -- you can use everyday ingredients to make a delicious appetizer look like something not even the hungriest zombie or werewolf would touch. Turn your guests' stomachs and ignite their imagination by embracing the spirit of Halloween with these horrifying hors d'oeuvres.


Dare your guests to take a bite out of an arachnid with spooky, spider-themed appetizers. Use colored sugar on cupcakes to turn them black, pieces of candy for eyes and fangs, and short strings of black licorice for legs to make sweet and scary spiders that everyone will want to sink their teeth into. For a healthier variation, use olives for the body and rosemary leaves for the legs -- an antipasto treat that's as terrifying as it is tasty.

Bodily Fluids

If you've never eaten a booger or chowed down on kitty litter, there's no better time than Halloween -- recipes that emulate bodily fluids are sure to gross out guests while filling them up. Mix green food coloring with warm liquid cheese and dip pretzels in it. Set them out to cool, and voila -- you have boogers on a stick. If you feel especially daring, try baking a kitty litter cake. This crumbly cake treat simulates litter with a mixture of crumbled cookies, food coloring and pudding mix. Toss in a few tootsie rolls to a sticky surprise sure to send a shudder down guests' spines.

Body Parts

On Halloween, do as the zombies do and feast on your fellow man. Appetizers made to resemble body parts fill up partygoers while reminding them how lucky they are not to be werewolf food themselves. Severed fingers, for example, are as easy to make as adding almond fingernails to finger-shaped cookies -- a dab of red icing on the end makes it look like the fingers were freshly severed right in your kitchen. Stuff half a hard-boiled egg with cream cheese and an olive to make tasty eyeballs that will make your guests look twice.

Earthy Appetizers

Halloween is the perfect time of year to munch on mold, dirt and other gross things that come from the earth. Roll soft cheese balls in mild green herbs to give them a thick layer of "mold" -- your guests will wonder how long you left that cheese sitting out unrefrigerated until they take a bite. Add a packet of dressing and dip mix to the herbs before coating the cheese ball for a flavorful kick. For a sweeter treat, crumble chocolate cookies into brown pudding to make dirt pudding -- toss a few gummy worms in the mix for a colorful, irresistible Halloween snack.