What Is a Good Dinner to Have on Sunday Nights?

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Traditionally, Sunday night dinner is a time when families come together for good food and good conversation. Many families enjoy traditional formal dinners on Sunday nights, while other families feel like a complicated dinner does not fit with their weekend plans. No matter how you choose to spend your Sundays, there are plenty of ways to cook a special Sunday night dinner to suit your family's taste and lifestyle.

Roast Dinners

A roast dinner is a Sunday night tradition. Roasts require time and patience, so many people choose them for Sundays when they have more time to concentrate on cooking. Roast beef is a tried-and-true Sunday night standard, but you could also try roast lamb, roast pork, a roast chicken or even a turkey. Roast some vegetables like potatoes, carrots, asparagus, carrots or parsnips to complement the meat. Make these veggies more appealing to the kids by seasoning them with a ranch-flavored dry mix. Serve gravy and Yorkshire puddings on the side to make the meal truly special. Balance out your roast dinner by making a tossed salad topped with creamy dressing or some freshly steamed green vegetables.

Quick Dinners

You can enjoy a Sunday meal with your family without spending the whole day cooking. Many families like to spend the weekend doing activities outside of the house together, which leaves little time to prepare a family dinner. You can prepare a quick dish in less than 30 minutes that will be suitable for your Sunday meal. Consider quick stir-fries full of vegetables and shrimp or bite-sized chunks of chicken or beef flavored with ranch seasoning; or you could try a meal-sized salad with grilled meat, fruit, creamy dressing and other goodies thrown in. Pasta and noodle dishes also make for quick and easy Sunday night dinners as do homemade soups with some bread and salad on the side. Cut down on your dinner preparation time by using a salad kit.

Slow Cooker Dinners

Slow cooker meals are a happy medium between the traditional and quick Sunday night dinners. You can prepare your slow cooker meal first thing in the morning, freeing up the rest of your day to spend with you family, but still allowing for a hearty family dinner. Many Sunday dinner-worthy meats like brisket, short ribs and pot roast can be prepared in a slow cooker along with vegetables to serve on the side. For something a little less formal, try a rich stew or a chili full of beans and ranch-seasoned ground beef. Soups, curries and pulled pork can all be made ahead of time with a slow cooker. Round your meals off by quickly putting together a salad topped with vegetables and creamy dressing or a simple vegetable side dish when you get home from the day's activities.

Grilled Dinners

If you live in a warm climate or are cooking a summer Sunday dinner, nothing beats a weekend cookout. Use your grill to cook meats, vegetables or even breads. Hamburgers and hot dogs are classic cookout choices, but you can also use your grill for more elegant entrees like marinated chicken skewers, fish, shrimp or gourmet pizzas. Substitute ranch dressing for the tomato sauce and add chicken, fresh tomatoes and spinach for a delicious grilled pizza. Naturally, meats like steak, ribs, pork tenderloin, chicken breasts are also grill classics. Drizzle some potatoes, asparagus or sliced carrots with oil, sprinkle some ranch seasoning mix on top, wrap them in a foil package and put them on the grill for a side-dish. Boil some corn and make some creamy coleslaw or a potato, bean, pasta or green salad topped with creamy dressing to build a full Sunday outdoor meal.