Easy & Digestible Dinners

Vegetarian Salad


No mom wants her family to get indigestion after an evening meal. Just one after-dinner tummy ache can rob everyone of a good night's sleep. Fast, convenient dinners can be easy on the stomach and easy to prepare -- especially if you spend a few minutes over the weekend planning. Family dinner should be fast, fun and filling.

Think Ahead

Planning on weekends leads to easy weeknight meals. Dice an onion and store it in a resealable plastic sandwich bag. As you prepare meals for the week, roast or grill an extra chicken breast, or brown an extra pound of ground beef so you'll have cooked meat readily available. Pick up easily digestible protein, such as a can of tuna, a dozen eggs or a block of cheese, to make quick meals that are easy on the stomach.

Satisfying Soup

Soup is a savory staple that comes together easily. Adding chopped scallions, celery and cooked chicken to canned broth gives easy chicken soup a homemade taste. Add alphabet pasta a few minutes before serving for a fun touch. Tomato-rice soup is another midweek favorite. Uncooked brown rice softens while it cooks in tomato puree and broth. Serve soup with cheese toast and a side salad tossed with creamy dressing. Nutritionists say that rice, cooked vegetables and soup are nutritious and easy to digest.

Perky Pasta Salad

You can use virtually any pasta to make a pasta salad. Rotini spirals, bow ties and elbow macaroni are traditional choices. If spaghetti and lasagna noodles are all you have on hand, breaking them into bite-sized pieces before cooking transforms them into pasta for salad. Add crunchy vegetables such as celery, bell peppers and pickles to contrast with the texture of the cooked noodles. A handful of chopped spinach or kale boosts nutrition and settles the stomach. Stir in a can of pinto beans, chunks of cheese, salami, canned tuna or hard-cooked eggs for protein.

Breakfast for Dinner

Who says eggs are only for breakfast? Eggs are an easily digested protein source that contain the ideal balance of essential amino acids. A cheese omelet with salsa, guacamole and cilantro is a delicious, easily digestible dinner option. Try a vegetable-and-cheese family fritatta -- slide it out of the skillet in one piece and slice it like a pizza into four, six or eight portions. Or spoon scrambled eggs and hash browns into a butter lettuce leaf and roll it up for a healthy "breakfast" burrito.