Girl Scout One-Pot Campfire Meals

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Part of the fun on Girl Scout camp-outs is cooking meals over a campfire. You can avoid a lot of mess if you confine all the cooking to one pot or skillet for each meal. This doesn't mean you have to settle for franks and beans at every meal. Use creative cooking methods and interesting recipes to come up with a varied menu your scouts will enjoy helping to prepare.

Stone Soup

Read the book "Stone Soup" to the girls a week before the camping trip to teach them the concept of making stone soup. This is a folk tale that includes a way to make plentiful food out of an apparent food shortage. Instruct every girl to bring a vegetable ingredient for your pot of stone soup, such as a small bag of carrots, a few potatoes or a handful of green beans from the garden. Bring chicken, ham or beef as your contribution to the soup as well as salt, pepper and spices. Pack the meat in an ice-filled cooler to keep it cold enough to prevent the growth of microbes that cause foodborne illness. Start with a large pot of water and a clean stone. Allow each girl to drop in as much or as little of her ingredient as she likes. Add your ingredients, then cook the stone soup for at least an hour or until it smells like dinner.


Send the scouts on a rock-hunting expedition. Have each girl search for the largest and flattest rock she can find. Wrap the rocks in heavy-duty foil. Spread slices of bread with butter or margarine. Make sandwiches with your favorite fillings with the bread butter-side out. Place the sandwiches in a large skillet over the campfire. Brown one side, flip them over and place the foil-wrapped rock on top to press them during the final frying process.

Plastic Bag Omelet

Fill a large pot with water and put it over the campfire to boil. Give each scout a plastic zip-top bag. Allow each girl to crack two or three eggs into her bag and add peppers, onions, cheese or other favorite omelet ingredients. Dry salad dressing mix provides excellent flavor to these campfire omelets. Remove most of the air from the bags and seal them shut. Squash and shake the bags to mix the ingredients together. Place the bags into the water when it boils and leave them for 15 minutes. Fish the bags out with tongs and serve the omelets by rolling them out of the bags.

Trash Can Breakfast

Serve this breakfast on the last morning of your camp-out -- just be sure that all meat and egg ingredients have been properly stored in an ice-filled cooler. Fry the last of the bacon and sausage in the pan to crisp it up and grease the skillet. Add any potato pieces you have such as hash browns, chopped baked potatoes or potato cubes. Cook the potatoes until they're soft. Add vegetables you like to eat in the morning and finish the skillet off with scrambled egg and grated cheese. Flavor your leftovers with some ranch dressing mix. Stir the entire mixture together until the eggs are cooked through and serve your scouts scoops of "garbage."