Gifts for People Who Love to Read

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Whether your favorite reader has stacks of books and magazines or does most of her reading digitally, any gift related to reading is bound to delight. Pay attention to which genres and authors she talks about the most, or ask a mutual acquaintance for clues to the ideal gift.

Digital Diversions

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Help bring your book-loving friend into the digital age by gifting her with a tablet or e-book reader, pre-loaded with a few books she may enjoy. Some books, including many works of classic literature, are available as free downloads from various e-book services. For a less expensive option, offer to download your favorite e-book-reading apps on her smartphone and show her how to use them. Include a .pdf reader so she may easily access .pdf-based reading materials as well.

First and Special Editions

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For the friend who often talks about a favorite author or genre, offer a first-edition book, a signed novel or a book containing the collected works of a cherished author, poet or speaker. A study book on a topic such as sacred geometry or word origins offers an in-depth look into a favorite subject. A translation of or commentary on a centuries-old work offers a fresh new way to read a classic author's work.

Childhood Classics

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If your favorite young reader is always on the hunt for something new to read, offer a collection of short stories suited to his reading level, all in one book. Books of Aesop's fables, Shel Silverstein's child-oriented works or a set of Dr. Seuss books are all potential options. Be sure to read through the story collections before offering them; some old-time fables are a bit gruesome or dark and even somewhat scary. Opt for the lighthearted or creative and playful instead. A subscription to a children's story-filled magazine provides some excitement as each new edition arrives in the mail. If he has access to a tablet or e-reader, download a selection of classic stories you enjoyed or that suit his interests. Ask the clerk in the children's department of the library if you aren't sure which books to choose.

Quirky Creations

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A gift with a creative twist allows your friend to show off her love of reading without carting books around at all times. Purchase or create a smartphone cover that looks like a classic novel or a card from a library card catalog by searching through websites that allow users to upload and create phone covers and other merchandise. A T-shirt featuring images of Poe or stacks of books suit a friend that enjoys creative apparel. Create a necklace, bracelet or earrings out of old book pages or spines for a handcrafted offering, or decoupage a wooden storage box with pages out of a damaged book for a gift suited to all ages.