Gifts for a Woman's 60th Birthday

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Celebrating any birthday is special enough, but women who reach their sixth decade can look back on a wealth of life experiences and memories to savor. With a little creativity and foresight, it's easy to find unique gifts that show your love, care and concern. Whether you buy online or search your favorite local shops, there is no lack of resources to find a unique and meaningful gift.

Bathroom Boutique

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Many women turning 60 are at a point in their lives where they have more time to pamper themselves. Present special soaps and lotions in a basket with aromatic oils, bath crystals, cologne and high-end shampoos. For an added touch, add bathroom decor items with a matching set of soft, fluffy towels.

Dressing the Part

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Looking nice is a top priority for women of all ages, and many gifts addressing this desire can be pocketbook-friendly. For maximum comfort, give her a pair of therapeutic slippers, or a stylish combination of jogging pants with a warm-up jacket. If the birthday gift recipient is your close friend or relative, a luxurious bathrobe, pajamas or wrap blanket will likely be appreciated.

Kitchen Delights

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Working in the kitchen need not always involve cooking. Many older women struggle with physical limitations--so practical items like electric can openers will definitely be appreciated by those with arthritic hands. For seniors struggling with vision problems like glaucoma, a talking calculator or large-print address book may be appreciated. Independent living products--such as large-button remotes and photo phones--also make inspired gift ideas.

Personalized Items

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Depending on the birthday woman's taste, nothing beats a gift that comes from the heart. If you own a digital camera, or voice recorder, ask your mother or grandmother to tell some anecdotes from her life to share with younger generations. If you'd like to write something, consider presenting it in a picture frame. If your loved one prefers to do her own writing, diaries and datebooks also make worthwhile alternatives.

Activities and Entertainment

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Remember that gifts need not always be practical. A beautiful, thoughtfully arranged photo album will go a long way toward ensuring the "wow" factor that lights up a birthday. Scrapbook sets, which are a craft store perennial, are another unique personalized gift that the recipient will treasure forever. Don't overlook gift certificates, which can be used for concerts, movies, musicals or plays of her choice. For those who can afford it, a cruise with children and grandchildren to favored destinations is always worth exploring.